1. Name   Julia Dujmovits
    2. Nickname  Julie
    3. Age 23
    4. Birth Date/Zodiac Sign 12.06.1987 / Gemini
    5. Domicile Sulz; Bgld.
    6. Discipline: PGS, PSL
    7. When did you start Snowboarding? at the age of 9
    8. Since when are you equipped by KOMPERDELL? Since Komperdell is sponsor of the ÖSV
    9. What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL? protection
    10. What ski regions/tours/places do you like most? Obertauern, Las Lenas, Telluride
    11. What were your most important achievements? Winner of World Cup in Nendaz, Podium places in World Cup, Junior World Champion
    12. What is most fascinating at Snowboarding? to go to your limit
    13. What sport would you do if there was no snow? Surfing
    14. What does your bone fracture status look like? Bad ;)
    15. What other injuries were caused by Snowboarding? 2 x the cruciate ligament, shoulder – and head injury
    16. Did you already have an extraordinary experience with a KOMPERDELL back protector? no
    17. What are the 3 things you would take along to a lonesome island? Bikini, Surfboard, friend
    18. Favourite film? Butterfly effect
    19. Favourite song? Happy Banjo – Dark Mean
    20. Favourite meal? Italian
    21. What is your motto? Who stops becoming better, has stopped to be good,
    22. What targets/plans do you have for the future? Snowboarding, to terminate my studies for teaching