1. name: Anton Grimus
    2. nick name: Manton
    3. age: 22
    4. date of birth: 27/12/1990
    5. Hometown: Mt Buller, VIC. Australia
    6. When did you start skiing? I started skiing when I was 3 years old at my home mountain of Mt Buller. I started Ski Cross in 2009.
    7. Since when are you sponsored from KOMPERDELL? I have been sponsored by Komperdell since the 09/10 ski season.
    8. What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL? Reliability of product and great performance.
    9. What ski regions/tours/places do you like most? In Europe I love to ski in the Leogang/Saalbach-Hinterglemm Region. The skiing is endless and the tradition of skiing in the mountains is awesome. However I always appreciate the skiing back home in Australia, where I know the mountains and terrain off the back of my hand.
    10. What were your most important achievements? My most important achievement was my first podium on World Cup in Nakiska, Canada at the end of 2012, showing that all the hard work and perseverance has started to show through in my results.
    11. What is most fascinating at Ski Cross? The head to head racing is something very unique that intrigued me to begin Ski Cross. The fast pace and having to constantly adapt to other people around you make every run different from the next.
    12. What sport would you do if there was no snow? Rowing.
    13. What does your bone fracture status look like? Fractured my arm 4 times, broken 2 fingers. Very lucky, touchwood!
      Have you got an idol – if yes – who is your idol?
    14. What are the 3 things you would take along to a lonesome island? Coffee machine, guitar and my girlfriend.
    15. What of are you afraid the most? Swimming in the open ocean without seeing the land.
    16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Enjoying whatever I am doing, no matter what it may be. Be it Skiing or my life working after competition, it is only worth it if I enjoy it.
    17. Favourite film? Pulp Fiction    
    18. Favourite song? Bubble Toes, Jack Johnson.        
    19. Favourite meal? Zwiebelrostbraten mit Kartoffeln.
    20. What is your motto? Work hard and enjoy what you do.
    21. What targets/plans do you have for the future? Compete at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games and be competitive.