1. Name Lukas MATHIES
    2. Nickname Luki
    3. Birth Date/Zodiac Sign 15.03.1991
    4. Domicile St. Gallenkirch
    5. When did you start Snowboarding?  12 years ago
    6. Since when are you equipped by KOMPERDELL? Since I belong to the ÖMV
    7. What do you connect with the brand KOMPERDELL? safety
    8. What ski regions/tours/places do you like most? Silvretta Montafon
    9. What were your most important achievements? Junior World Champion and Junior Vice World champion 2011, European Cup Overall Champion
    10. What sport would you do if there was no snow? NO idea, luckily there is snow
    11. What does your bone fracture status look like?  Luckily none up to now
    12. What other injuries were caused by Snowboarding?  none
    13. Did you already have an extraordinary experience with a KOMPERDELL back protector? no
    14. What do you always pack into your backpack for your tours in the mountains? Something to drink
    15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I don’t plan that long ahead
    16. Favourite film? Mount St. Elias
    17. Favourite meal? Pizza
    18. What is your motto? does not work, does not exist
    19. Picture ©Mario Webhofer
    20. Picture ©ÖSV