• Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner
  •  Ralf Dumjovits

Best mountain experience in life:
Each time which I can spend in mountains is a big happiness and the best relax for me. The Pallavicini was the easiest for me at that time because it was the first one and I had courage as I didn´t know what to expect. For me the most difficult descents were all in the winter of 2008 because I returned to skiing and steep slope after my avalanche accident . This accident was in March 2006 in Rila mountains (Bulgaria) and I broke both my forearms and a knee. I had 6 operations and 1,5 years treatment. However, this accident had the worst effects not on my body but on my psyche. Now I am much more afraid. But the most difficult for me was couloir Whymper because there were very bad snow conditions, very hard and icy snow and also it is above 4000 m.

statement about KOMPERDELL:
I like Komperdell because their products are modern, light and very usable and their staff is very kindly.

date of birth : 2. 9. 1973
place of birth: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
domicile: Slovakia, village “Kordíky”
education: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) – geologist : Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia
family status: divorce, 1 son (Jakub, 13)

history concerning mountaineering career:
I have been skiing since I was 3 years old and I started skitouring when I was 19. At that time I had already been doing climbing and speleology for 3 years. I had been doing skitouring and other mountaineering activities for 8 years when I got to know some friends who were skiing steep slope. They suggested that I join them in going skiing to Pallavicini couloir. And so Pallavicini couloir was my first slope of about 50 degrees. This steep couloir inspired me to other steep skiing because it was combination of all my abilities from climbing and skiing. In March 2006 I injured in a big avalanche (Bulgaria - Rila). However I started a new ski and climbing season in January 2008.

Samples of ski descents:
2010: Kyrgyzstan - Peak Korona 4860 m (40-45°)
2009: Julian Alps (Slovenia) - Mojstrovka - Pripravniška grapa, Frdmane police (40 - 45°)
2008: Mont Blanc area - Aiguille Verte 4211 m, Whymper couloir (50 - 55°, absail in bottom part)
2008: Dolomites: Sass Pordoi 2950 m - Canale Holzer (45 - 50°)
2008: Dolomites: Sassongher 2500 m - Val Scura (40 - 45°)
2005: Schareck 3123 m– North Face, Mittlere Eisrinne a Linke rinne (50-55°) 2005 : Hoher Sonnblick 3106 m – North Face (45-50°)
2003: Grossglockner – North Face, Pallavicini couloir (50-55°) – first female descent

Samples of ski descents in High Tatras (Slovakia)
High Tatras Poland (40-45°)
Rysy – NW Face to Poland (40-45°)
Malý Ľadový štít - NW Face (40 - 45°)
Predná Bašta – saddle to Mlynicka Valley (48°)
Prostredný hrot - saddle above Ohnisko to Mala Studena Valley (50°)
Mlynár – to Tažka Valley (40-50°)
Spišský štít – W Face (45-47°)
Predné Solisko – E Face (50-53°)
Malá Žltá stena (40 - 45°)
Baranie rohy – S Face (40-45°)
Štrbský štít - W Face (40-45°)

actual project: actual project in my home is that I am going to build my new house in summer - autumn 2011. and of course I started training for next winter season.

future plans : I would like to visit new regions where I haven´t been yet, like Svaldbard and New Zeland, and of course I would like to return to Kyrgyzstan, where I did ski descent from Peak Crown in autumn 2010. I don´t have a plan for specific descents yet. But for several seasons I have been considering about Marinelli couloir in Monte Rosa. It´s not so steep, but it´s difficult because of length and altitude.