• Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner
  •  Ralf Dumjovits

At his steepest ascents, if in winter with the touring skis or in summer at competitions, in Vertical kilometres KOMPERDELL is always at his side.
Urban’s motto: the steeper – the cooler ;-)

Birth date: 05.07.1970
Birth place: Kastelruth, South Tyrol
Residence: St. Michael/Kastelruth
Education: plumber and farmer
Civil status: partnership


  • Urban Zemmer has rather late found the entry to sport, namely with 33 years, and this due to a simple bet. It started with a mountain run and as astoundingly he came home with a good result, which was stimulating to him that he continued in this direction. This was the start of his sporty career.
  • in order to stay also fit in winter, he trained with touring skis and participates also at competitions


- As Urban works fulltime professionally and besides he has to manage his  farm, he has only little time left for his sport.

Urban ZEMMER’s most important achievements:
IN vertical kilometres:

  • multiple Italian champion
  • European champion twice
  • World champion
  • World cup overall winner 2012
  • World record holder – fully 2012


In winter at touring ski races uphill

  • winner 3 times of the Schattenbergrace at the mountain Attack
  • winner twice on the Streif at the VerticalUp in Kitzbühel
  • the last 3 years winner of all Touring ski races – short distance –
  • in the whole Alpine Region
  • IT Champion